CURVED/labs design a facelift for the first Apple Macintosh

If you are old enough to remember Apple’s first Macintosh computer — the “doorstop” with the 9-inch screen — you’re going to love what German design company CURVED have done to revive it for the 21st century. Even if you don’t remember, enjoy it anyway.

Here’s what CURVED/labs have to say about their retro refit:

The Macintosh is a computer with history: with its first desktop computer “Lisa” Apple showed more than 30 years ago not only what was technically possible – the design of the iMac & Co. regularly causes stir. For CURVED/labs a good reason to develop a pioneering anniversary model for Apple that can not deny its origin.

With the new iMac, launched in late 2014, Apple was able to inspire again. In particular, the sleek shape and extremely high-resolution display inspired – even in our test. It is a computer design from the future, one which many other hardware manufacturers are trying to follow. However, when building new technology Apple often unfortunately neglected their own design history. For us a reason to go back to the future for a tribute to the first Apple computer .

Futuristic design

The technological basis for the CURVED/labs-Mac are components of a current Macbook Air with an 11-inch screen. However, we have transformed it into a touchscreen: You can choose whether to control it via mouse and keyboard or directly type directly on the 11.6 inch touchscreen.

An SSD flash memory with 128 gigabytes of storage is build in, either 4 or 8 gigabytes of memory are available. The CPU is the latest i7 chip from Intel. The casing is of course made of the same high quality as used for the aluminum Macbooks, iPhones and iPads. The back of the Mac features an illuminated Apple logo.

Complete equipment with small size

30 years ago Steve Jobs wanted to make computers more user-friendly, so he gave the original Macintosh a face. In the new Macintosh much of the original elements are resumed. However, at the spot located under the screen, where the drive for 3.5-inch disk sat, you will now find a slot for SD cards, the FaceTime camera, speakers and a microphone.

The Mac supports all popular WiFi standards and Bluetooth. You find already the new USB 3.0 port and a Lightning port. A built-in battery allows you to set up the Mac at different work locations on the fly. Like the current iPhones and iPads the Mac would be available in silver, gray and gold – including color-matched keyboards and mice.

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