Athene’s Theory of Everything

‘Athene’s Theory of Everything’ documents the research that has been the reason why Chiren Boumaaza, aka ‘Athene’, disappeared from his usual viral YouTube series for the past year. Known mainly for his record-setting World of Warcraft and online poker stunts and his extravagant character in his videos, Boumaaza had long been seen as a genius by some, a ‘troll’ by many and an incredibly capable gamer and entertainer by most.

Chiren’s went into researching quantum mechanics, relativity and neuroscience with the same dedication and out-of-the-box thinking that we’ve seen in his record-setting stunts in online gaming. With astounding accuracy and knowledge of the subject matter, he has made an incredible amount of new correlations that solve a huge list of current problems in physics, which, if proven correct, would not only have practical but also deeply philosophical repercussions.

‘Athene’s Theory of Everything’ doesn’t only refer to the scientific concept of a unified field theory, but also to the scope of his research, which encompasses everything that has deep significance to how science can affect our view on life, death and reality, ranging from neuroscience to particle physics. But at the same time, Chiren’s research at no point wanders off into making any of the esoteric correlations that modern quantum ‘theorists’ often resort to.

‘Athene’s Theory of Everything’ will undoubtedly quickly become one popular film that not only deals with the subject of reality, quantum mechanics, neuroscience and human psychology at the same time, but may even win the hearts of the scientific community as it steers clear of pseudo-scientific thinking. Without resorting to sensationalized or metaphysical claims, Chiren’s writing, which the documentary is based on, looks to science with respect for its roots in openess and skepticism, while bringing back the sense of wonder that popular scientists such as Carl Sagan used to instill in us.

Even if his grand unification theory turns out to be flawed, Chiren Boumaaza’s unique ideas may still set us on a new and important path towards understanding reality. But if its foundation is even remotely accurate, we may be looking at a modern day Einstein. Either way, Athene has probably once again broken a world record, at the very least he’s unlocked the achievement of ‘epic amounts of scientific research within just a few months’.

Credits & Related links:

Edited, Directed & Narrated by Reese Leysen

Based on research by Chiren Boumaaza

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